12 Ways to Develop a Positive Attitude

Positive people are much more fun to be around.  They seem to have a “Can Do” attitude that is infectious.  My next few blog posts are about how to have a positive attitude.  I would like to quote a phrase from Zig Ziglar, which goes this way “It’s not what happens to you but how you handle what happens to you, that’s going to make the difference”.  Our reaction to situations is what is important.  This idea coordinates with the positive “I Can” attitude, which so far is the best approach to a successful life. He shares a story about Celestine Baker, a high school student who has a lung disease called “Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy.”  She is unable to walk. In spite of her illness she still managed to go to school and maintains a “can-do attitude”.  With all the negative news, it is very difficult to maintain a “Can Do Attitude”.  However, there are steps you can take to help maintain a positive attitude:

1.  Do Not Wait for “Things” to Make You Happy

People are more positive when they are happy.  Unfortunately many people base their happiness on external things.  Many people say, “I’ll be happy when I retire or when I get a new car or when I go on vacation.”  Often the planning that goes into a trip can be more fun than the actual trip.  The anticipation is fun and exciting.  External things make you happy for only a short time.   I bought a new car last fall.  The excitement lasted about 1 month. Now it is just my car without the excitement.  Happiness is an internal job.  YOU are the only one that can make you happy so learn techniques that can help that along.

2.  Live a life of purpose and passion

Think back in your life to the times that you were most happy.  What was similar about them?  That will give you an idea of what your purpose is.  Try to figure this out so you can do the things that you are passionate about.  That always makes me happy.

3.  Learn to say “NO”

Examine your life and schedule when a new opportunity presents itself.  Is there something you wish to take out of your schedule and replace with the new opportunity?  Piling on more and more activities gets to be oppressive.  Is what you are doing helping you reach your goals?  Does it align with your values?

There will be 9 more ways to keep your attitude more positive.  Look for them coming up.

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