Bond With Your Children in the Garden

Spring is here in Denver. I love this 70 degree weather before the hot summer arrives. This is a perfect time to work in the yard and get it ready to plant the garden and flowers. Do you have your children help with this process? It is important for kids to learn about money and this is one way for them to earn money. It is also a great time to teach them some science lessons on what is necessary for plants to flourish. What do we need to do with the ground before planting the plants or seeds? What plants can you plant now in cool weather? What seeds could you plant indoors to later plant outside when it gets warm? Having your child care for these new plants is a great lesson.

Have your children help plan what plants to buy. They could research what plants do well in your climate. Once summer arrives you can train them about how to plant, weed, fertilize, and water the garden. If you plant vegetables and find there are too many for your family to use, you could have them sell the extra produce or give it to a shelter or neighbor. To keep the kids more engaged, give them a section of the garden to do as they wish.

Enjoy this outdoor experience. Use it as a time to teach and bond with them.

Do you have some tricks that have worked to keep the kids engaged in helping with gardening?

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