Gayle’s Bio

Do you want to immediately increase the value of your neighborhood? Get to know your neighbors. Your neighborhood will experience a lower crime rate, you will feel safer and your home value will increase.

Vibrant Neighborhoods founder, Gayle Rodgers, guides residents on ways to establish thriving neighborhoods that enrich their lives. She is writing a book on how to foster neighborhood connections, increase community, and build clout. Gayle facilitates neighborhood strategic planning sessions and goal setting. She mentors neighborhoods how to bring in funds, plan events, and build connections.

Gayle’s extraordinary experience as a Junior High School teacher, manufacturing business owner for twenty years, and life coach, instilled a passion for high value communities. Gayle realized that people – especially teens – don’t always make the best decisions so she created a 5-step decision-making system called L.O.V.E. to Choose.

Now people love to choose Gayle Rodgers to help them create Vibrant Neighborhoods!