Common Mistakes Parents Make in Parenting Teenagers – Ignore problems

Mistake  – IGNORING PROBLEMS– there are lots of problems that a teenager can get into – sex, drugs, gangs, low grades in school, depression and the quality of friends. At times, overwhelming issues will crop up to the extent that parents will take the road of “banging their head against the wall” simply because they don’t know how to handle the situation.

Solution: Don’t ignore the problem or it could escalate.  In situations like these, keep a positive state of mind while you look for possible solutions to the problem. Some people you could talk to are their friends or their parents, school counselor, teacher, minister or youth minister, psychologist, coach, or doctor depending on the situation.  During adolescence it is normal for teens to rebel and experiment, wanting to explore the world in their own way.  Is this problem a normal part of teens growing up or more extreme?  When teaching junior high students I found some had a harder time then others getting through their teenage years.  Sometimes I wonder how we made it through that period.  I definitely don’t want to relive it.     It’s important for you to LISTEN to them (see blog from two days ago).   Sometimes it helps if they have an adult friend that acts like a mentor.  Someone they can talk to other than you, the parent.  They may listen to them better than you because they don’t have as much of an emotional tie to them.

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