Common Mistakes Parents Make in Parenting Teenagers – Rescue Them

Mistake – RESCUING the teen – when a teen makes a mistake, the parents are always there to rescue them from the situation.  They do this so the teen does not have to ‘suffer’ like they did while growing up. The idea that “parents always want the best for their children” is obviously the reason why some parents come to rescue their teen no matter how bad he acted in a certain situation. “I have to help him because I love him so much,” is a common phrase you hear from parents.

Solution:  Don’t take responsibility for issues or problems that belong to your teen. Children who are always rescued by their parents don’t know how to function later when they become adults.  They are often insecure and can act entitled, assuming everyone will rescue them.  Life is full of choices and teens must learn from their mistakes.  It’s through the struggle that they become more confident in their own abilities.

I encourage parents to let their kids make lots of decisions.  Not all their decisions will work out so you can discuss what they could have done instead – brainstorm, not lecture, the options. One thing you can do is to help them come up with the pros and cons of a decision then let them decide on their own and deal with the consequences.  Don’t feel bad if your teen makes mistakes.  It’s part of growing up.   Teens must learn to suffer the consequences of their own decisions in order to make them responsible citizens in the future.  Isn’t it better for them to start making decisions when they are young and the consequences are minor?


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