Common Mistakes Parents Make in Parenting Teenagers – Criticizing Teens

Mistake – How You CRITICIZE Your Teenagers – some parents criticize their teens when they make mistakes, even in front of their friends.

Solution: It is important for teens to know when they are acting appropriately and inappropriately.  Many parents only see “wrong” behavior.  Parents are to look for ways to boost their child’s self-confidence and always criticizing them, especially in front of other people is not the way to do it.  Instead of bawling them out for their misbehavior, discuss or role-play better choices that they could have made.  Talk in private and not when you are angry.  Don’t always be looking for mistakes.  It is more important for you to catch them doing things right and comment on it.  You might say, “John, I liked how thoughtful you were when you helped Jake rake his backyard.”  It is important to be specific.  Don’t just say, “You are such a good kid.”   Why are they a good kid?  What are they doing that you like?  Catch them in the act.

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