Common Mistakes Parents Make in Parenting Teens – Listen to their child’s whining

Mistake – Responds to a whining child – Children do what works and they found you listened to them when they whined or cried.

Solution:    What is the definition of whining?  It is when kids make a high-pitched complaining cry or sound and when they complain in a feeble or petulant way.  It is not pleasant to be near a whiner.

My words of advice are to only reward the behavior that you want. My kids learned early that it didn’t work to whine.  I pretended that I didn’t understand them when they whined.  I only responded when they talked in an acceptable, pleasant voice.   I would say, “what, what did you say?”  When they stopped whining I responded to their request.

Children are very good at training us.  If a solution works, they will repeat it – sometimes indefinitely.  If it doesn’t, they won’t use it.  Some friends with two sons in high school came to stay with us.  The teens would whine to get their way.  One even cried.  My kids couldn’t believe what the boys were doing and thought it ridiculous.  What have you found that helps with whining or other inappropriate behavior?


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