Create Fun Ways to Solve Problems

I talked with a friend recently and she told about moving their son to a “big” bed from his crib when their youngest child was born. Now she is waking up with the 3-month-old baby each night plus the son because he is falling out of bed. I suggested she put a little pop-up tent in the bedroom and have him sleep on a sleeping bag in the tent. He will think it is an adventure and she won’t have to wake up during the night because he fell out of bed.

Look for creative solutions that solve problems and make life more fun. When I owned a manufacturing company, it took 9 people to run one machine. If someone showed up late, then we either couldn’t run the machine or we had to run it slower than normal. Instead of lecturing them about how important it was for everyone to be there and to arrive on time, I created a game using elbow macaroni and a box. We had 4 teams of people sitting around round tables with a box in the middle and 1 pound of macaroni around the box. They were to see which team could get the macaroni in the box first. They could only use one hand to pick up the macaroni and could only pick up one at a time. One team I left alone. The other teams I would give notes to different people to sit out for a specific amount of time. Some examples for sitting out were – you arrived late because you had to drop the dog off for grooming or you left early to get a pedicure or you had a phone call, etc. I’m sure you can guess which team won. It got my point across in a much more fun way than giving a lecture.

You can create playful ways to get around problems. Please comment on “fun” solutions you have found for problems – especially those related to the family.

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