Decision Making Made Easy

I am getting so many positive comments about my 5-Step Decision Making Model.  Friday I gave a speech at my Toast of Inverness Toastmaster meeting.  The speech was easy because I believe in the process so much.  I created my first slide show to go with it.  Thank goodness I had very little on each slide and had lots of pictures because we never did get it working on the screen.  So another member clicked the slide show on their computer and people saw it from a distance.  This shows how important flexibility is.  I passed out a sheet giving them the decision-making process so they received the detailed information that was on the slides.  An example of how having more than one method of conveying information is important.

I am totally committed to helping people (especially teenagers) learn decision-making skills.  Why this incredibly important information is not taught in the schools is beyond me. 

My friend, Wendy Lipton-Dibner, has a blog about a decision making technique that her grandfather taught her.  She brings up another easy approach to decision-making that may help you when you need to make a quick decision.  Go to:

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