Do You See Humor In Your Life?

I heard an entertaining speaker yesterday at the DTC-CBW meeting – Karyn Ruth White. Her humorous talk had us wiping tears from our eyes because she was so funny. Karyn told us to look for humor in situations, especially when the situations are frustrating. I remember one time when my son was 11 months old and I was busy painting a room in our new home. Not knowing where my son was, I went looking for him. I found him in the bathroom totally absorbed in pulling toilet paper off the roll as fast as he could. He was so intent on what he was doing that he didn’t even look up. I laughed, grabbed my camera and took a picture. Would you have done the same thing or would you have been upset by the situation?

One time my friends 18-month-old daughter was in our high chair eating the lunch her father had fixed. For about three minutes I turned my attention elsewhere and when I looked back she had chocolate pudding all over her, the high chair and a nearby wall. Again I laughed, grabbed my camera and took a picture. She was so pleased with herself that she smiled broadly for the camera. I could have gotten mad and yelled but what is the point? It was easy to clean up and we are still laughing about it today, which is over 20 years later.

Then there was the time one cool August day when my 14-month-old daughter refused to wear clothes. She did have on a necklace and a hat. She proceeded to push a little cart all over the patio in the back of our house. I was a little concerned because it was cold but that didn’t seem to bother her. She was having a fantastic time playing. Again I grabbed my camera and took pictures.

These pictures help us remember the precious memories from the past. In all these situations I could have gotten mad but instead I found the humor in the situations and grabbed my camera. It is important for us to laugh because it has significant health benefits, especially helping us to relieve stress (see my other blogs about stress management).

Do you look for humor in your life? Please comment and let me know other funny situations that you have had.

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