Helping Teens Plan For Their Future

Most teens focus on TODAY and seldom worry about their future.   I know many adults who would be better off doing that instead of always worrying about what will happen in the future.   Because most teens are totally into what they are doing today, they often do not set goals for their future.  I’ve met a few teens who have a clear idea of where they want their life to go but most haven’t a clue what they plan to do “when they grow up.”

I’ve created a business called Plan Your Dream Life.  We focus our attention on helping teens to set goals for their life, which includes areas such as health, family, friends, future career, money, and recreation/fun.  My 10-session DreamBook® program helps teens discover their purpose.  Why are they on this planet?  What are they passionate about?  One session is on creating a dream, which might be an easy dream to achieve or something that will require several years.  Listening to the doubter (the little voice within our head) helps them picture whether they are working toward their dream or stuck in reality.  Building a support network for them is essential.

Having a support network is often critical for us to achieve our dreams.  Throughout the years, I’ve participated in several transformational classes taught by people such as T.Harv Eker, Tony Robbins, Brendon Burchard, Brian Tracey and many more.  Most take place out of Colorado.  I have found that I would get all revved up with excitement from learning new information and meeting wonderful people and then go home where people did not identify with what I experienced.  I’d go back to my normal routine and not progress toward my goals because I lacked a support network to help keep me on track.

At a Tony Robbins class three friends and I decided to start a mastermind group.  We have a conference call every Friday for one-hour.  Each person talks for 15 minutes about their wins (successes that have happened during the week) and what they plan for the next week.  I often go into the meeting thinking I didn’t get much done and they will congratulate me for ALL I did get done.  They have taught me to celebrate small successes.   By celebrating small wins we don’t get as discouraged, which helps us move forward faster.  Keeping that momentum is critical.

Through the 10-sessions the teens are learning a process that can be repeated many times in their life.  One teen said, “I’ve learned that anything is possible as long as you make it your priority.  This program can help you with everything in your life as long as you have your intention and a dream.  You can achieve anything you put your mind to.”  We are taught how to build buildings but not how to build our lives.  I am out to change that.

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