Teens and Digital Media: A Parents Challenge

We live in an era of the so-called “digital revolution”. With the growing popularity of social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, etc. kids are so engrossed with texting and gaming while paying less attention to household chores and assignments in school. Parents and children often clash with each other because of differing thoughts about social media. Parents often worry about how much media is too much. Are the hours spent on media going to hurt their eyes? Are they really building relationships? Are they being exposed to things they should not? Sexting is not something you want your teens exposed to so what do you do? Does social media open the teens up to more risky behavior?

Young people often find that digital and mobile media address several important developmental and social needs in their lives. In just a click of the computer or smart phone it enables them to check in more frequently with their parents, friends, and loved ones. Teens are able to easily keep track of their friend’s activities and interactions. They often object to any restriction or intervention by parents on their use of social media gadgets.

Every parent wants to be viewed as a “good parent” who cares about the long-term development of his or her children. What do they need to do to keep tabs on their children’s digital usage?

Please leave comments as to what works for you.

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