A Time of Redirection

This is the start of a new era for me.  A few times during my life I realized that it was time for me to redirect my focus.  Both times I was slow in realizing it.  For seven years I was a junior high teacher.  Occasionally I would complain about a particular student to my mother.  Her reply was always, “Just be glad you have a job, Gayle.”  My parents lived through the depression so you can see why she would say that.  My dad worked at the same company for 46 years, which is unheard of today.  During my sixth year of teaching my mother started telling me that I needed to quit.  It took me until the first day of school my seventh year, when I kicked a boy out of class that I took her words to heart.  I remember thinking, I don’t know what I will do next year but there has to be a better fit for me other than in the classroom. My mother saw that it was absolutely destroying me, turning me into a different person.   By the time I left the classroom my unhappiness had penetrated to my soul.  It was so deep that if you had told me I would have to go back in the classroom within fifteen years of leaving, I would have cried.

I always wondered why I never survived as a teacher.  I enjoy the junior high age group.   They are enthusiastic and have lots of energy like I do.   I didn’t have to wipe their noses or tie their shoes and they didn’t act like they knew everything.

Through the years, I’ve had the opportunity to take many personality assessments.  For me life is about figuring out my strengths, challenges and areas in need of improvement.  In one assessment, I found out that I’m an entrepreneur.  Entrepreneurs thrive on change, we’re great at coming up with ideas, we love to have fun and we don’t like structure.  What is worse than junior high or middle school when it comes to structure?  When I quit I said I couldn’t take the bells.  The bells were the structure.  Each year I’d say – I only want to be a witch for a week and have it count for the year, but the kids forced me to be one everyday.  The strict discipline was the structure, too.

I owned a manufacturing company for twenty years, which fit better with my entrepreneurial personality. That business was the second time I stayed too long.  I should have redirected my life after fifteen years instead of twenty.  I woke up one morning and realized that my work was no longer fun.

Now I’m redirecting my life again.  My passion is to help youth discover the talents that they can bring to the world. They have so many choices in front of them and I help them figure out the best path to take.  I love to help people find their purpose and dream.

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