Ways to Reduce Stress

Stress has become a way of life. Feeling stressed is very common in our crazy busy society. Day in and day out we experience stress at all levels – stress at home, in the office, at the malls, on social media sites, watching or reading the daily news, in traffic, and especially when we are parents.  Most of us are not trained to be parents so there is always the stress of not knowing how to respond to our child.  I plan to write several blog posts about the topic of stress.  Even though my business focuses on parents and teens, reducing stress is an important topic for EVERYONE.

Before we start the discussion, let’s define stress. It is a normal physical response to events that make us feel threatened or upset. When we are under stress our heart beats too fast, blood pressure elevates, muscles tighten, senses sharpen and the breath quickens. Due to these physical changes our strength and stamina are increased to the extent of wanting to fight an aggressor at the height of our anger.  It is critical to learn techniques to reduce stress if we are to remain healthy.

Parenting today’s generation of teens is incredibly difficult to handle without any stress attached to it. As we all know, stress is bad for our health, hence it follows that it is also bad for our parenting. A new study conducted by a stress researcher, Robert Epstein, reveals that the average person’s ability to handle stress is painfully low. He further says that people who are less stressed are very good at preventing stress. But for the sake of discussion on this topic, here comes the question: Is stress-free parenting possible in the digital world? I think so.  In the next few days I will give some recommendations on how to lower your stress.

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