Ways to Reduce Stress – Step 2

Change your routine and mindset to minimize the recurring stressors 

Until you accept responsibility for your stress, nothing will change. Many people forget that they are in control of their life and the decisions they make.  They live their life playing the victim role.  Stress management is all about taking control of your thoughts, the way you look at situations, and especially how you plan your schedule.  To prevent stress from recurring you must plan ahead what you want to do to avoid the stress. For example, in order to avoid the routine stress of always running late to events or work, you could plan to arrive 5 minutes early rather than 5 minutes late. Assume it will take you longer to get there so plan that into your schedule. You might say, “Yikes, how can I get there early when I can’t get there on time now.”  I have found that when I plan to get there early, I arrive much less frazzled.  Whatever it takes to get there early, do it.  Avoiding the stress of rushing will make you arrive relaxed, happier and with more energy.

Change how you view the situation.  When I think something is going to stress me out, guess what, it does.  Why do some people get stressed by situations and others don’t?  What is the difference?  Maybe the less stressed people plan ahead and are more prepared.  Maybe they had more sleep and can deal with the situation better.  Maybe they can deal with uncertainty better.  Starting tomorrow I will give you ideas for coping with stress.


  1. Hi Gayle,

    Great posts about handling stress. I wish my daughter could have seen these before finals week in December. I’ll be sending her the link.

    I DO tend to stress MYSELF out. When I am getting ready to go somewhere, I tend to start doing all kinds of little odd jobs “just to tidy up a bit” before I leave: make the bed, load the dishwasher, sweep, etc.. It’s almost like I do these things on purpose to make SURE I’m late. I drive myself crazy…but I’m getting a little bit better about it. Thanks for all of the info and tips!

    • Hi Diane,

      I identify with doing odd jobs. That is something I often do especially before leaving town. I just posted another blog and will have a few before I’m done. Thanks for commenting.

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