What are Families Doing When They Spend Time Together?

Memorex did a survey of 1,010 parents to find out what activities families did together.  They wanted to discover how much electronics played into family activities.  Here is what they found out:

  1. Watching television or movies (86%)
  2. Cooking, baking or grilling (49%)
  3. Playing video games (42%)
  4. Reading or listening to books together (41%)
  5. Listening, singing or dancing to music (39%)
  6. Playing sports or active games (37%)
  7. Creating arts and crafts (27%)
  8. Science or educational projects (13%)
  9. Musical or theatre performances (10%)
  10. Other (8%)

They found that younger parents tended to use more electronics than older parents.  Parents are using electronics more with their children now than in prior surveys.  If you would like to see more details of this survey go to: http://tinyurl.com/3gnu7nx

How do you spend your family time?


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