What Are Your Halloween Traditions?

I love Halloween!  I’m known as the “sticker lady” in the neighborhood.  I have the children roll two big plastic dice and that is how many stickers they get plus I give them a candy bar.  Older kids appreciate this tradition more than the young ones.  The little kids can hardly see over the edge of the card table, which is set up in my front hall.  This year a little Spiderman about four-years-old said, “I’m not here for stickers.  I want candy!”  Wow!  At least he knew what he wanted.  I gave him his candy bar and he left in a huff.

Now that you have all this Halloween candy, what are you doing with it?  Do you let your children have their stash, letting them eat as much as they want?  Some kids  end up with tummy aches.  It might be a lesson for moderation.  I heard one women say that she let her kids keep their candy until the candy attracted ants in her son’s bedroom.

Maybe you give out a few pieces each day.  There is certainly something to be said for moderation as far a candy goes.

What I found worked great for our family was to keep the candy high up in my kitchen.  Each night after our kids had finished eating dinner, I would retrieve the candy.  A timer would be set for ten minutes and they could eat as much as they wanted.  One reason for doing this is that the sweet candy is not as hard on their teeth because the mouth is full of saliva from eating dinner.  The second reason is that  it spreads the candy out over a longer period of time for them to enjoy.  They seemed quite content with doing it this way.

I’d like to hear what traditions you have created for Halloween or Halloween candy.

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