What Can You Do To Keep Your Neighborhood Safe and Vibrant?

What are you and your neighbors doing to keep your neighborhood a great place to live? There is no such thing as a perfect neighborhood that will meet all of your needs but there are things you and your neighbors can do to improve it.

Keep crime down
The easiest way to do that is get to know your neighbors. It is easy to make assumptions of neighbors when you don’t know them. When you meet your neighbors, you will look out for them and report strange activity. Police have statistics that show that when neighbors know each other, crime goes down.

Help to keep your schools healthy
If you want to attract people to your neighborhood, help keep the schools healthy. Our neighborhood gets sponsorships from businesses and we put on an annual community golf tournament to benefit the schools. Do you have time to volunteer in the neighborhood school? Do you have a skill that you could teach the kids – maybe after school? Do you have things the school could use and you don’t need?

Do you have trees in your neighborhood?
People love neighborhoods with established trees. Plant a tree(s) if you don’t have any. When we moved to Denver we looked at some houses to buy in a fairly new neighborhood. I called it “rooftop row” because all you saw were rooftops. We bought in a more established neighborhood with trees. Last night it snowed. Our blue spruce trees cover up half our driveway leaving very little snow for us to shovel – yea.

Pride in ownership
People like to live in areas that look nice. Do you work at maintaining your home? Do you sweep the sidewalk, wash down the garage door and front entry, keep the house painted, prune the shrubs and trees, plant some flowers, and make your entry look inviting? People like to move into areas that look good. Do you talk to your friends about how much you like where you live? All of these things help keep the value of your home up and the neighborhood looking good.

Do you support your local businesses?
A thriving business community near your home increases the value of your area. When you think about eating out, do you eat at the restaurants close to where you live?

Is your neighborhood family friendly?
If you have children, create play situations for them in the neighborhood. You could start a babysitting coop, a playgroup, or carpool. Meet with other parents and kids in a neighborhood park. If you don’t have kids, look out for the neighborhood kids. Drive slower through side streets.

Create clubs with themes
You and your friends might want to start a Bunco group, book club, bridge group, video club, or painting group. Do you have skills that you could share with your neighbors? Maybe you are good at woodworking. You could work with some middle or high school students on a project.

Pick up trash
When you go on a walk, you could take a plastic grocery sack and pick up trash that you see along the way. Keeping our sidewalks and neighboring parks clean improves the look of the neighborhood

Is there a social media site for your neighborhood?
If you don’t have a social media site, start a Facebook page or Nextdoor.com community for your neighborhood. Keeping people connected helps keep the neighborhood involved and vibrant.

Get involved with your neighborhood association and city events
It is a great way to meet neighbors. Everything works better when several people volunteer instead of just a few. Come up with creative , organic ways to bring neighbors together. Going to City events helps keep your neighborhood aware of what is being planned that could affect your neighborhood.

Do you have suggestions on what to add to this list?
I’d love to hear stories of what you are doing in your neighborhood to keep it a healthy, fun neighborhood.



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